Sofia Vergara Net Worth 2023

Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-born actress, model, and spokeswoman 

Thanks to lucrative endorsement deals and acting paychecks, Sofia is frequently one of, if not THE, highest-paid actresses on the planet. 

Her success in the world of television has translated into the world of film, and she has booked many prominent roles in major motion pictures. 

In addition, she earns a considerable income through brand endorsements and appearances in commercials.  

She also earns $10 million per year as a judge on America's Got Talent. 

Sofia overseas somewhat of a retail empire. She has a line of jeans that is sold exclusively at Walmart, a line of furniture and several perfumes.

In a typical recent year Sofia has earned $40 – $50 million from all endeavors.

Sofia Vergara Net Worth $180 Million