Maya Petika Movie Review

 "Maya Petika" revolves around the journey of a smartphone that changes hands and impacts the lives of different people.

The film's unique concept is credited to the story writer and director, Ramesh Raparthi, for tackling an interesting idea.

Payal Rajput delivers a good performance despite her small role, while Viraj Ashwin and Simrat Kaur also do justice to their respective characters.

Srinivasa Reddy's character and his emotional bond with his pet monkey, Jyothi, are portrayed well and add depth to the story.

The scattered comedy scenes throughout the movie are enjoyable, and the innovative beginning titles featuring Instagram handles connect well with the film's theme.

However, the director fails to present the story in an engaging manner, resulting in each story being unnecessarily prolonged and causing boredom for viewers.

Simplifying certain portions, such as Sunil's middle-class life and Viraj Ashwin's love story, would have made the film more effective.

Prithvi's character becomes boring, and the comedy in that part, though it elicits a few laughs, may not be suitable for all audiences. Healthier comedy choices could have been made.

Payal Rajput's story could have been improved, as it had an emotional angle that had the potential to captivate viewers.