Kastoori movie review

What’s striking about Kastoori is the underlying dreaminess.

Even though the movie takes an unpretentious and unflinching look at an underprivileged school-going boy’s struggle to continue his education, the movie rarely shows him giving up hope.

This dreaminess is at times expressed through the soothing background score but mostly through the undying optimism and smiles of Gopi (Samarth Sonawane).

Gopi is engaged in manual scavenging, cleaning toilets, and assisting in performing autopsies while his father spends most of his time at a local bar. 

In spite of being a bright student, Gopi is forced to choose between education and work since he has to contribute to his family’s income.

With the help of soap and attar, Gopi tries to get rid of the smell that he fears he carries after all the scavenging and cleaning work.

Gopi, prodded by his best friend (Shravan Upalakar), dreams of kastoori (musk) that will take away the odoriferous proof of his harsh life as well as class.