Adipurush Movie Review 

Adipurush aims to retell the timeless tale of good versus evil, the Ramayana, to a contemporary audience without appearing outdated.

The film adopts a Marvel-inspired approach to attract younger viewers, emphasizing action-adventure over traditional themes.

The narrative quickly delves into the abduction of Sita by Ravan and the subsequent epic battle between Ram's army and Ravan's forces.

The film recreates iconic battle scenes reminiscent of Avengers' epic clashes, featuring Ram's army combating Ravan's CGI rakshasas.

The war scenes in the second half are engaging and compensate for a somewhat slow and less thrilling first half.

 The film struggles to strike a consistent balance between the epic story and its execution in a superhero-verse style.

The dialogues lack the impact expected from characters of such stature, often oscillating between epic grandeur and casual language.

The narration feels lacking in emotional gravity and fails to evoke a strong connection to the characters in the first half.

Saif Ali Khan's portrayal of Ravan exudes charisma and steals the show, showcasing his mastery in playing dark and intense characters.

The visual effects and overall visual appeal are passable but not particularly impressive, and the 3D format feels unnecessary.