Know Before Buying OLA Scooter! Maybe the plan can change, batteries cost so much

OLA’s range now includes five electric scooters. These include the S1 Pro, S1 Air, S1, overall customers can choose from a variety of options. The most expensive of these is the S1 Pro and the cheapest model is the S1 Lately, there is a lot of confusion when there are so many options available. More expensive e-scooters also offer more range.

If you know the cost of batteries, you can change your purchase plan. The cost of this battery will be more than half of the purchase price of this Ola scooter.

The battery costs Rs. 87,298! Learn more

Ola has not given any official information about the price of the current EV so far. The company will provide a three-year warranty on the battery and motor of the scooter and the company itself will replace the battery within three years. However, the price of the battery was revealed through social media.

The pictures in this post show the S1 or S1 Pro battery stuck on a wooden box with the same price written on it. As per the scooter range, the 3kWh battery used in this scooter is priced at Rs 65,549 and the four kWh battery pack is priced at Rs 87,298.

Ola comes in the form of an electric scooter! Special changes, know

This is also the cheapest electric vehicle from OLA company. However, apart from this, the company has also introduced a major improvement in this model, which will help customers save.

In addition, pillion protection has been further enhanced. In fact, OLA is offering a supporting angle closer to the rear passenger seat in its scooters.

Due to this the seated person does not have so much fear of falling in his absence, the company has solved this problem in S1 Air. Apart from this, another company has made a flat footrest in front of it.

The Ola S1 Pro and S1 required customers to attach the backrest in different ways. It cost around 500-600 rupees or more. This means that they will not have to pay this amount.

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