Coach Deion Sanders Drops Bombshell: Shocking Reason Behind Roster Overhaul Revealed

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders provided an update on his team’s progress, mentioning that players from the previous year exhibited a lack of passion and enthusiasm for football, prompting him to completely revamp the roster.

Sanders, who took over in December, has made significant changes, bringing in around 70 new scholarship players while retaining only 10 from the previous team’s roster of 85. He emphasized a higher standard during his first team meeting and indicated his commitment to improving the team’s performance after a disappointing 1-11 record in 2022.

As his debut as the head coach approaches, scheduled for September 2 against TCU, Sanders acknowledged the challenges he faced in dealing with players who lacked the passion for the game. He expressed satisfaction with the current atmosphere and attitude within the team, compared to the initial struggles.

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